Self-Portrait Final

For our final project of the year we were to produce a self-portrait, using a medium of our choosing. I had debated between charcoals and water colors, and in the end went with charcoals as I wanted to produce high areas of contrast. We projected the images onto the canvas to get the outlines of our images, and then went from there. I began by working from lighter to shades to darker, smudging the different values using the charcoal rag, pencil smudges, and my fingers at times to achieve different effects or value shifts. My main focus for this drawing was to show the contrast present in my base image, and I believe it was strongly captured in my hair and my arms. By having my hair and the shades merge with the black background I feel like it emphasizes the contrast and use of dark shading in my image. If I was to go back I would have darkened some areas, mainly the face, and adding more of the different values in my hair.

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