Marionette Character Project



Our project for the second half of the 2017 Spring Semester was to create a marionette out of clay and wood using a character designed by ourselves. For this project I decided to use a character I had already made some time ago, and tweak him so he could be applied to this project. Attached is a older drawing of the character that I used as reference for this project, along with photos of the finished project.

We used baking clay and balsa wood to construct our characters. For my character the limbs were all constructed from wood, while the head, body, hands and feet were clay. The head and body have a tinfoil center, allowing me to use less clay and keep the marionette lighter. I then painted it over with Gouache paints, and tried to keep my character from being overly bright with darker and duller colors.

When designing this character I wanted to keep everything generally proportional, to help the body seem more natural and help the eyes easily travel along it. The main colors of the marionette, red and purple, are analogous of each other. The green eyes were chosen to stand out from the rest of the colors, and it contrasts the red shirt of the marionette. The rest is black and grey, to keep with the duller colors. Lines of the clothing on the body are slightly slanted to keep everything feeling a bit more natural.


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