Cherokee Creation Myth Comic

Upon reading through multiple creation myths I finally decided to settle on the Cherokee myth “The Story of Corn and Medicine”, which can be read here (CSCorn&Medicine.html). I began to narrow the myth so a small section I would want to portray, and it was the opening part of the tale, and how the animals moved down to Earth.

Researching the Cherokee art style was difficult, as they don’t really have any art. They worked with gourds and masks, yet never really anything that was solidly a painting or drawing. Therefore I went in my own direction with the art style, having a semi realistic but simplistic form for the animals, as most depictions of animals on their gourds where very simplistic.

Due to their lack of art style, and the use of purely animals in my section of the story, there was no real need to work on concept sketches for characters.

I then sketched out the comic in my sketchbook, and transferred my final rough sketch to Bistol Vellum for the final sketch before inking. Here is the final sketch.

The image was then transferred over to Photoshop and Painttool Sai for inking and coloring, and here are the final two results. Text bubbles were not used as I felt it was too bold and bright for the overall feel of my comic, and ended up taking away from the imagery.

Images are kept simple and plain, as in the story it tells how the work was primarily dark and empty before the animals and plants moved down to Earth and created the sun and everything else. The gradient tool was used to get the toned effects on the images, and helps keep everything from looking flat. I kept the animals in flat colors as I felt it made them stand out more from the background, and fit better than shaded animals with the simplified style. To fit with this I edited the linear color of all the objects inside the panels from black to dark blues and browns, making the lines softer and not as bold to the eye.

For references I used this image of a Cherokee Gourd, to get an idea for their simplistic style

Image result for cherokee art
Hawiyeh-eh, Brad. Cherokee Gourd. Digital image. Art of the Cherokee Pueblo and Choctaw. N.p., n.d. Web.

Story found at:

“The Story of Corn and Medicine.” Creation Stories. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Apr. 2017.   <;.


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