Canon World Building

For the canon project in our Figure Drawing class I will be using a Witch character of mine, as seen below.

In the upcoming days I will be fleshing out more of her world, her design, and her personality on paper as opposed to just in my head. Here are the current world building notes I have so far.

  • Village/tribal like society
  • Tribe lead by a single head figure, generally male
  • Stationary group of farmers, herders and hunters
  • People tend to stay in their birth village unless marrying to someone in another village
  • Every village/small group of village has a sort of spiritual healer/witch doctor like person (Generally just referred to as Witch)
  • Witches have a connection to the spirit plane, which is basically just where the dead go and where their deities live? Or even just literal spirits, otherworldly entities with great powers to change things.
  • Spirits interact with the mortal plane but generally are unseen, but Witches can always see them. The greater their strength the more visible they are and more they can interact with the mortal plane
  • Polytheistic society. Many households/tribes take on a patron spirit that they pray to, appease with offerings, etc
  • Climate of these tribes is something akin to Africa/India. Warmer climate, many wide open plains or dense, humid forests
  • Real world animals or my own creations? Need to decide, leaning towards a bit of a mix
  • Witches tend to live a ways off from the villages they serve, generally in the middle of any that come under their care/need
  • Only ever one Witch per village at a time, but the Witches tend to choose their successor at a young age (generally once they themselves become the new head witch and their mentor dies)
  • Witches are generally chosen before their 4th year, as it is young enough to take them from their families and prepare them for their future duties. The Witch becomes the parent of the child chosen and raises them
  • Being chosen for Witch is generally hailed as a honor, yet no family ever really wishes for it as their child is taken from them. If the child chosen is unborn or very young, the moment they are on solid foods and no longer need their mothers to nurse them they are taken by the Witch.
  • Witches tend to be female as they are believed to all already have a small connection to the spirit plane
  • Witches are raised by other Witches, and never go back to live with their birth families. They tend to have no real concept of a mother or father outside of “the ones who conceived me” due to the nature of their upbringing.
  • Witches are trained to have no real emotional opinion on their work, as it would interfere with their duties. Very indifferent to their numerous duties
  • Despite the respect they receive, Witches are always regarded with caution, wariness, and sometimes distaste due to their connect to forms of “Black Magic”
  • Growing up Witches tend to not interact with other children, in part due to their training and in another part due to the bubble of distance people tend to keep from these witches.
  • A Witch works with things such as potion, salves, mixtures of herbs, berries, etc, and then with charms and other magic-based methods of healing/casting. One major thing is their use of masks, each with a different meaning, purpose, or connection.
  • Some resemble the numerous spirits and are used for ceremonies (such as prayer for the rains, a good harvest, burial/death, healthy birth of a child, a blessing for a wedding, etc)
  • Other masks are moreso tied to tasks and healings (mask worn while performing a blessing on a wounded body, healing of a wound, hunter’s mask)
  • Some masks are given/rented to villagers and hold a charm upon them to protect or give luck
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