Marionette Project

For our first project of the Spring semester we were tasked with creating a working Marionette of a character we had designed, or of a new design we came up. The character I used was one I designed around two years ago, and I have been tweaking and changing her design.


This is the design I had based my Marionette on currently, which was a sloppy sketch that I added flat colors to. This is a sketch I did when originally redesigning the character, and even now the design has been changed a bit. When I was designing this character, I based her design on the world I was building around her.The world is a future where humans give themselves cybernetic enhancements, and are also building more things along the lines of robots and self-aware technology. When thinking of translating her into linear design I wanted to keep the idea of her joints, as labeled on the sketch. With the Marionette I tried to stay true to the colors, or at least similar. The legs were mainly grey to resemble the metal and I used and there was black and the white to resemble her coat. While not seen on the video below, I had another piece to be the ends of her jacket. Her main body is made up of origami balloons, and the limbs are origami claws, because I felt the different sizes at the ends of the claws could show the joints. I then glued on the bits for her hair, and drew on a small face in marker. The parts were then strung together, with the head and arms on a separate handle from the legs. Despite this, I found it difficult to get the legs to move compared to the arms. If I was able to redo this project I probably would have used a different design for the limbs, and used a thicker string to hold everything together. I also would have glued on the end of her jacket, and potentially painted on more details.

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