Illustrated Journal: My Hero

Recently we were asked who we would consider our hero, and while this is a very common choice and even a bit cliche my hero would be my mother, Crystal McBride. A remarried mother of  three girls, retired Air Force member who has always been there to inspire me and help pull me through the worst of times. For as long as I can remember my mom has done everything in her power to make sure I live a happy, fulfilling life. When I was around 4 my mother got a divorce with my biological dad, and it was just her making money to support herself and her two kids at the time. We struggled for a while, but in my young age I never knew we were struggling for money at times. As time went on and my mom remarried to my stepfather Tony McBride, another Air Force member, and we began creating many memories together. Due to her work in the Air Force we moved around a lot, and still do. I’ve lived in New York, Ohio, Virginia, the United Kingdom, and soon they will be moving to North Carolina. In each of these places we enjoy the sights, activities, and really create wonderfully experiences with each other. She made my young life full of new experiences, took me to places such as Spain and Italy so I could enjoy their culture and broaden my view on the world. In my early teens I began to lose myself, falling into heavy depression and having anxiety issues. I began to give up on my art, stopped enjoying the things that made me happy, and if not for my mom I might not have been here today. Throughout that tough period of my life she was always there to support me, to be a shoulder to lean on, to listen and only listen if that is what I needed. My mother has always been the biggest supporter of my art, even if she doesn’t get it all the time, and she’s the one who pushed me to apply for as many colleges as I did and probably one of the reasons I did get accepted. She’s always been there to check over my work, correct me when I need it, and push me beyond my limits when I believed I couldn’t go any further. My mother has helped make me who I am today, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank her enough for what she has done for me. That is why she is my hero, because she saved me from myself and brought out the best and brightest in me.

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