Silhouette Drawing and Animation

Silhouettes, while seemingly bland or simple, can easily be given life, personality, and be an interesting piece of art to look at if done properly. While I do not consider myself an expert in this, I took a shot at creating two silhouette images with a strong presence of my personality. The first image is a still, done of a photo my mother took this past Christmas of me laying on my stomach beneith our main tree in the dinning room.

The second is a simple, quick Silhouette animation done with each frame taken from a clip of me iceskating, taken over a trip with my Aunt. The frames come from near the end of the video, and this was mainly just to see how a Silhouette animation could look. Unfortunetly I am unable to upload this video, and in the video some parts of my figure were blurred out, such as the hands and blades of the skates.


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