Caricature Finals

To end our work with caricatures we were to produce two final versions of the self caricatures; one done on paper with ink and another digitally colored. My final caricature is based on the styled art of Tom Richmond’s work that I copied, along with a bit of my own familiar style. I exaggerated the boxed or squared look of my face in the jawline, and attempted to keep the face looking as gender neutral as possible due to my androgynous look.  I then gave myself small eyes to help make the glasses seem larger, and tried to keep the ears big enough to show off my multiple ear piercings. In the colored version I added a little bit of my natural roots to my hair, do show my hair is dyed. While I am not entirely sure what, something about my character peeves me. I believe it might be the lips, which seem a bit big for my taste, or the style of the eyes. It might also be the thickness of the lines. The inked version was done on 9×12 paper while the digital was copied and colored in Painttool Sai.

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