Journal: New Style Test and Appreciation Week Sketches

during this past week I have taken to drawing more of my original character, with Amelia, who I showed art of last week, being one of them. The other is unnamed, and I only recently even remembered I had some older drawings of her design lying around and decided to try and draw her as well. The drawing, or doodles I suppose, that are below are in a more cutesy and rounded style, akin to chibi styles. I chose this style to draw in during the week due to its simplicity and small size, making it perfect to sketch in my smaller 9x6in sketchbook during class. The first image contains a few drawings of Amelia when I was first working out how to pose and draw limbs in this style, hence the slightly odd bottom right image on the sheet. The next three are of a character who is currently nameless, but referred to as “Mask Witch”, or MW for short.

Along side doing these fun sketches in classes, during my free time I had been working on some digital sketches for a fan run event happening on tumblr. The event celebrates the birthday of a video game character, Aerith/Aeris Gainsborough from Final Fantasy 7. It spans from 2/5/2017 to 2/11/2017, and every day has a different prompt to go with it. While I don’t know if i’ll be able to tackle all the days, I had begun on some sketches for two of the days.

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