Caricatures and Self-Portraits

To prepare ourselves to create a self-portrait caricature we were to look up three well known caricature artists and imitate one of their works each. This would help us develop a feel for the style of a caricature, for when we went to make our own. I copied the works of Al Hirschfeld, Mort Drucker, and Tom Richmond, whose imitated work you can see below in that order.


We were then to attempt to create a caricature of ourselves, and from this we are to create a final version; one inked on paper and the other digitally colored. For me this is basically a rough idea of what I would like to do, and it has a few notes on what I could exaggerate for myself in the art. I also tend to fall into a more cartoon-like style when drawing, so this too could somehow be included. This image was only meant to be an idea quick sketch for me, and my final version will come out with more detail and style to them similar to the imitations seen above.



Finally we were to produce a minimal line self-portrait done in full ink, and then make three copies and alter them to explore into different uses of line and line weight. Minimal line use in not a strong point for me, as I have always enjoyed more sketchy artwork made of multiple lines and techniques such as cross-hatching. The following self-portrait is from a photo I took of myself without my glasses, done with minimal line in full pen. Following this, copies were made and altered to include shadowing though line weight, hatching and cross-hatching, and then a mix of the two together as seen below (in the same order), with my personal favorite being the hatching due to my love for the technique.

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