In Class Figure Drawings

After our assignment on the skeleton stick figures to understand human proportions we looked at the photo motion series done by Muybridge. We were to take what we had learn in making the human figure proportional and give it motion, so I based my artwork on his series of fencers seen here, namely the one on the right of the images.


We had to adapt our new skill to a change in perspective and angling of the body, and to achieve that I started most figures with a curved line to show the arch and bend in the bodies. Angling the bodies to show the side perspective of the shots was a fun challenge, and while I don’t feel as if I got it down entirely yet I know I will with more practice. After the new figure drawings we were to show muscle and form on a skeleton using basic outlines, representing the parts of the arms and legs with ovals and similar basic shapes. No major detail was needed, and it was just to familiarize us to filling in the human shape.


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