Digital Foundations Final Project


For our final project of the semester we were tasked with creating a visual narrative through a series of images. This project gave me unforeseen difficulties, as I struggled for a while with coming up with an idea of a story to tell. I was over complicating my ideas and worrying too much, which built up on top of my anxiety I already deal with on a daily basis in everyday simple actions. I then, with the help of my teacher, decided to do a story of situations that effect my anxiety, and how I react to it all; generally by breaking down.

The project I have done uses rhythmic and tonal montage. Rhythmic montage is when  movement is implied throughout the shots, and tonal montage is when the images of the frames imply an emotion. Each image has some form of movement in it, which ties into the tonal montage. The tone that the viewer is suppose to pick up from the images is stress, anxiety, and a worn our and tired feeling.

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