Glitch Art Final

The topic of my glitch is domestic abuse. My top and bottom images depict men abusing females, and the flip of females abusing men. Both are seen as morally wrong, however females abusing males isn’t treated as seriously as men abusing females in society. Many people take it as the women simply ‘defending’ herself, or that the man is weak. The glitch in our society is the idea that men cannot be victims like woman can, so they are generally ignored or cast off if they are the abuse victim. That is why I tried to make the bottom gif more glitched out than the top, to show how it is considered broken or wrong in our society, that not many people truly grasp the idea or clear image of it all. In the middle the gif flashes through seven images of abuse victims, showing how this treatment is wrong in our society.

5-7-5 comes into play with the top and bottom gifs playing out for about 5 seconds, and the middle gif containing 7 different images. For the top gif it may be harder to tell, as it has two break images in it. Images were glitched out in Hex Fiend and Audacity.





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