Stop-motion Animation Storyboards and Writing

Animation storyboarding, had to take normal images because the scanner was not working for me.

20161102_154348 20161102_154353

Lotte Reiniger

Lotte Reiniger was a early 1920’s shadow puppet stop motion film animator. Her works are done with highly detailed shadow puppet cutouts, all with numerous joints and different pieces for their hands and faces. The puppets are cut out from solid black paper, and every body part is its own section. This allows the figures to have joints at all the natural points, and give the shapes a fluid and loose feel to them to prevent a stiff and truly puppet-like feeling. All of these different joints and parts of the puppets are carefully moved around on the screen to show the movement, and exchanged out where needed. The animations are recorded on colored backgrounds or gray scaled ones with different levels of color to help define the different shapes and objects shown in the backgrounds with none of it ever reaching a solid black like the puppets. Only the foreground and puppets are ever shown in the solid black colors, and color wasn’t used until her later works. This technique used for backgrounds minimizes the need for major coloring, but she uses a range of simple to highly detailed backgrounds. To get a feel for the style of animation I watched a few of Lotte’s animations, namely “Aschenputtel”, “Hansel and Gretel”, “Papageno”, and “Daumelinchen”. Lotte’s works are strongly influenced by folk tales and stories, and they all tend to keep a high fairytale element about them. Most of Lotte’s works, including her animated feature film “ The Adventures of Prince Achmed”, were devoid of any voice acting or speech and only contained background music and cue cards for words when needed. All of the music used fits in with the tone she was trying to convey throughout her films.

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