Journal: Personal Work

In my free time when I am not working on school art projects I have been further developing my own art and style, working on different techniques to use in the processes of sketching, line arting, and shading. Using other artist’s works who I follow on websites such as tumblr and DeviantArt for reference, such as users “dejasquietplace” and “waifujuju”, and guides on how to draw specific human figures, namely profile views, I have been enhancing my style to come closer to something I am proud of. I personally draw in a more cartoony style, with some elements taken from realistic art or other sources. The following art is some of the digital work I have done in the past few weeks.

talonflame-gijinka This piece was a redraw of an old character design I came up with some time ago, and working with shading by doing shadows in tones of purple and highlights in yellows. For the most part the image is sketchy, as I prefer my sketch work to finished line art.

tifa-icon cloud-icon wow-more-cloudcloud-cuteThese drawings are of characters from the video game Final Fantasy VII, the girl being Tifa and the series of drawings of a boy being the main character Cloud Strife. The drawing of Tifa was a simpler test at a cuter style, and the drawings of Cloud are me testing out a new style of art. Two of the images are still in their sketched lines. For these images I used darkened and lightened tones of the base colors for shading, and in one instance I tried to get better at more detailed profile views.

All work was done using a Wacom Cintiq 13″HD and the art program Painttool Sai


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