17 Days Journal: Days 9, 11, 12

Day 9: Syria Planum: For Water for Oil, Alysse Stepanian

This 3d animated work has a focus on a figure that seems to be the mix of a woman and a cow, as observed by her body having a mix of female human features, e.i. breasts and a human upper body, and those of a cow, such as the udders and hoof-like feet. Everything is rendered in a mix of 3d models and video played on top of these models, and seem to showcase some sorts of war and or violence that the women/cow mix seems to be running away from.

Upon observing this film I am left with many questions: Who is this woman, where is she, what could have made her this cow/human mix, why is she a mix of these two creatures, what war is raging the world, along with many others.
Day 11: In Dreams, Samuel Blain

The video has people lying in bed, speaking of odd or recurring dreams they have had, and then there heads changed to represent those dreams. A lady who dreamed of all her teeth falling out has a mouth of teeth for a head, or a women who has her dream represented through her head being replaced by a tree. It seems that all the people have their nightmares represented through the object their heads have been replaced with.

Watching the video gives me a disturbed and uneasy feeling, due to the imagery of the people’s heads replaced with the objects of their nightmares and their descriptions that follow.

Day 12: Flashback Nuclear, Barbara Matas

Flashback Nuclear seems to be speaking of alien life, shown by strange combinations of women and other animal or human body parts, and it plays a almost sensual or smooth type of music. As the clip goes on it seems clear that the women are suppose to be attractive in some way, from the way the legs are held out to how they lick their lips and blink the many eyes. It ends with the apparent dropping of a nuke or some form of bomb, and goes back to empty space.


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