Illustrated Letter


In order to prepare for this assignment our class browsed the works and examples of the Book of Kells, Book of Hours, and Persian Miniatures. We discussed things that stuck out to us in the examples; the line work and use of boarders, the color pallets, small details all around the image and more. We were then told to begin sketching out our ideas to create a piece that resembles the works we viewed that incorporated something about our name. 

After taking some time to critique the ideas and sketches we had brought into the class, I ended up altering my initial design and incorporated celtic knots into the main parts of my  design, and used the symbol of the butterfly as my name, Vanessa, is a genus of butterfly.


Once the main inked piece was done I transferred the design into Photoshop to begin making three other versions of it, solid color, textures using photos from real life, and watercolor swatches. We then take parts from all three of these images to make one composite image.

illustrated-letter-digital-color Solid Color

illustrated-letter-photo Textured

illustrated-swatches Watercolor Swatches

illustrated-mixed-final Composite Image WIP

After our review on Oct 13, 2016, I will be taking my composite image and be altering it by adding more details around the border and trying to add some blue to contrast all the gold and red colors. I do however feel as if my use of line and bordering is my strongest elements in my image.

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