Helvetica Font Written Response

Helvetica is considered a timeless, neutral, well rounded, and balanced font. It is one of the most common fonts used, and has compared to being the McDonalds of fonts; it is there, and it is everywhere. The font is legible and favored by corporations,  Yet this makes the font overused and boring, and many people thing that type faces should be expressive or diverse. Despite it being considered bland or simple, helvetica can be expressive in its different subtypes. It was made around the 1950’s in Switzerland, when people felt the need for a orderly and easily legible type-face, and was developed during a time after a war and there was a drive for change and reconstruction. Helvetica is designed in order for the background to hold it together, and not take away from it.

This video made me consider typefaces in a way I haven’t thought of before, and that is from a sense of balance and design. It is a simple yet pleasant design you see everywhere, but it never stands out as it is so common and they eye is unattracted by it. When the typographers speak of how the text is bland and old, I can easily understand that. When compared to more intriguing or complex fonts there is nothing outstanding about helvetica, yet it is still one of the most commonly used fonts ever. The balance in the design of helvetica helps all of the letters and characters flow cleanly together, and prevent breaks or inconsistencies that would stop the eye and cause a disconnect.

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