Book Wright #1

Book Write as of Oct 3, 2016


Many people express themselves through art, and I am one of those people. Art has always been a part of me and effected nearly every aspect of my life, so it seems logical to build my name out of art.

The art tools show my creativity, and are connected to how I have been drawing my entire life. On the paper of the sketchbook you can see some characters, which I use to tell out stories or ideas I tend to think of. They also symbolize how I use fantasy and art to create experiences I never could have in real life.


The focus of this project was point and line. Point is defined as a marked position in space on a single plane, which takes on the appearence of a dot. The contrast with line is then a connection of points, helping define the foreground, middle ground, and background of the composition.


photo-progject3 photo-progject2


Lines and planes create depth and shape in an object, even without elements such as color. The difference in the grey shades helped create contrast in the images, creating an even stronger sense of plane.

The chosen subject for this project was a set of drawers in my room, as I wanted to replicate the lines and planes of the object. I changed the angle of the photo each time to see each plane in a different way, and give the images some diversity. Even with the drawers removed there were lines created by the metal frame used to hold the drawers in place.

photo-progject-redone-01 photo-progject-copy3-01 photo-progject-copy2-01

Using the shapes and planes used in the replication project, and adding some new lines, I manipulated the images to create greyscale landscapes. I took the shapes of something manmade and turned in into interperative natural scenes, using contrast to help defire different parts of the image and help give them a flat but strong feeling.

perspective-project-1point-01 perspective-project-2point-01 perspective-project-3point-01

Lines and planes set against each other can help create a sense of depth or perspective, as we experimented with in Illustrator. By placing planes against one another with different colors and using angles, we give the image a more three-dimensional look.

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