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Journal: Personal Work

In my free time when I am not working on school art projects I have been further developing my own art and style, working on different techniques to use in the processes of sketching, line arting, and shading. Using Advertisements

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Art Movements Final: Constructivism

My final Art Movement piece, done in the style of constructivism.

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Mario Prisco Essay

Vanessa Foster Constance Pennisi Foundations Oct 19, 2016 Mario Prisco Gallery Viewing the works of other artist can be of great inspiration to others, and help them better understand a specific style or the mindset behind an artist’s works. Even … Continue reading

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Illustrated Name Finals

The final versions of my digital and physical illustrated name project. The digital was a composite image of watercolor scans, digital coloring, and photography. The physical image was all done in ink and watercolors, and the background was left white … Continue reading

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Art Movements: Constructivism and Cubism

Not proud of these works at all, due to my lack of understanding of the two movements and a lack of skill on my end when it came to executing both pieces, my hopes are that my final shall be … Continue reading

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17 Days Journal: Days 9, 11, 12

Day 9: Syria Planum: For Water for Oil,¬†Alysse Stepanian This 3d animated work has a focus on a figure that seems to be the mix of a woman and a cow, as observed by her body having a mix of … Continue reading

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Illustrated Letter

In order to prepare for this assignment our class browsed the works and examples of the Book of Kells, Book of Hours, and Persian Miniatures. We discussed things that stuck out to us in the examples; the line work and … Continue reading

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