Objectified by Gary Hustwit

The focus of this video was design, primarily in objects, and how they tell a story or relay their function. Every object has some story behind it, generally telling why it was made, and for what type of people. We are told what makes good design; it is simple, environmentally friendly, innovative, useful, and has an aesthetic to it along with more. There is also a focus on separating what is important in an object to what is not. Early on we learn how before the microchip you could look at an object and generally get an idea of what the use for it was, but the use of the microchip has messed with the intention of design. One must also take in account the relationship between the object and either the human or other object it has a relation with.

The main thing that ended up capturing my attention was the focus on the design of objects, as it is brought up numerous times throughout the video. There are many different ideas behind design of objects in this clip, ranging from how to design an object for its function to what makes the design good. The wide range these ideas come in really makes one think and try to understand all the different types of design that could be involved in such simple seeming objects, which can gain complexity through their design and design function. When speaking of design however, the part with the biggest draw towards me was the talk of good design, as all the categories for it are varied but work together to create a satisfying product.

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