Week 5 Journal: Final Fantasy VII

Recently I have taken up playing an older game called Final Fantasy VII, released in 1997. I have put around 20 hours into this game so far, and this game has completely immersed me in the world created by the game. Final Fantasy falls under the umbrella of a “fantasy world” with odd creatures, magic, with a mix of futuristic and typical fantasy elements. From the immersive and lively roster of characters present in the game, to the intricate and diverse cities and areas of the world presented to me. Being an older game, the models for enemies and characters are more simplistic and polygonal than ones in newer games, but it doesn’t take away from the feel of the game. The landscapes and backgrounds are all pre rendered pixel art, with boundaries and planes set on top to give the characters limits to move to prevent them moving over objects such as buildings. For objects you can move being the art is simply loaded onto a layer upon the one the player walks on. Ever since I have begun to play this game, I have been drawing and sketching some of the characters and creatures from this game. The following image is of the main character of the game, which I did in pen and markers for the color. I had been working on this for a few days, adding touch ups and shading where ever I saw fit.


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