Linear Day


When creating my linear day book, I decided to keep most of the main lines of similar size in order to help create unity within the image, and prevent any one thing from standing out when it didn’t need to. I bolded the trees outside the London scene to help create a sort of frame around it, and the background line by the trains are bolded to help lead you into the trees. I then used hatching of various sizes to help create value in the image, and make things stand out against one another. To help show the movement I used the train on both sides of the image, along with the tunnel by the trees to show I had to travel through something to reach my destination. The thicker lines of the ground also help to pull you along through the image. I feel as if my final work is creative, as I only had two main focuses in the image but the middle image is intricate and complex to help tell more of the story. The main flaw that sticks out to me is the skewed perspective of the bus, which I had gotten correctly in my rough but distorted in my final version of the work. I also ended up condensing my original image, which left high amounts of white space on either side of the main image. I may remake it in my own time and try to take more time to plan it out.

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