Theory of Abstraction

While looking at examples and trying to think of my own ideas I came up with two different ideas for my abstraction project. One falls under the musical/rhythmic category, while the other is spiritual/cognitive.

Musical/Rhythmic idea – Expressing the opening music to “Take On Me” by Aha. Using yellows and blues across a black background to symbolize the energy or calmness of the different beats of the opening, and help show the motion of the music. Yellow for the more energetic areas of the song and blue for the consistent background beat.

Spiritual/Cognitive – a representation of my personal experience with anxiety and depression, with anxiety represented with sharp, overactive bright lines and shapes in a warmer color scheme. Depression would be shown through slow, rounded or flat shapes and tones, represented with darker and heavier colors. Perhaps using paint as a medium, with anxiety expanding over the pages and taking over everything and with depression being very low and unexciting.

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