Fantasy Landscape v2

fantasy-landscape-v2I made use of masks to help make the fishbowl image have a clouded look to it, but still be transparent enough to see the map behind it. Masks were also used to help blur and fade the sides of the city into the sides of the bowl, to help create a natural break. My idea for my second Fantasy Landscape stemmed from a feeling I had during a conversation with a cousin of mine. She had expressed distaste for me leaving the U.S. to go live in England and criticized me, asking why I would ever want to leave the States, or even just New York. I realized that she had never been out of the state of New York, along with many other people I know. To me it feels as if they are trapped within a fish bowl: unable to leave, but always looking out and the world around them. This is the reasoning for me placing the city of New York inside a fishbowl with a map as the background.

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