Week 4 Journal: Underwater Effects


To start off the new week, I decided to look up how to create a underwater effect in photoshop; something I have been wanting to know how to do for some time. While I do not have the time to personally try it out, I know for sure that at some point when my schedule clears up it will be a fun effect to use on my personal art. To start off, I watched the video “Photoshop Tutorial – Underwater Effect” by the channel Photoshop Design and Photo editing Tutorials from HowTech on YouTube. This however is an older video with an outdated version of photoshop, as I was unable to find some of the filters used in the video. I then searched for how to create the underwater effect in Photoshop CC, and came up with results that focused more so on the combining and merging of the images, to create a seamless and fluid image. Watching some of these videos also helped me relax and final get the motivation to finish my Fantasy Landscape v2 image, and gave me some future ideas to put into later projects. Links to some of the videos watched below. I have also realized I failed to post a second journal for week 3, but I shall be sure to post two this week.

Photoshop Tutorial – Underwater Effect by HowTech

Photoshop CC Underwater Tutorial by Premium Graphics

Making Creative Under Water Manipulation Scene Effect In Photoshop by rafy A

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