Journal: Writings on the Book of Kells, Hours, and Persian Miniatures + Self-Reliance Questions

BOOK OF KELLS Writings Below
The image has many straight lines and boxes to create the main forms, along with some curvilinear at the ends of some squares. It contains many repeating images, such as the dots and what looks to be small cross-like shapes. The main colors of this image seems to fall among tans, and a variety of reds, oranges, and yellows. Colors that greatly pop in this image are the black and blue tones, and with the purple almost blends in with the reds and golds around it. Upon closer look there are many examples of patterns, and repeating symbols. There are images of people near the top and they could possibly be symbolic of some part of keltic culture, especially with the man and the creature. As you near the bottom you can see dark, bold writing. When looking at the whole image many crosses become apparent in the book’s design. Other images show great symmetry and balance, while again focusing on the reds, golds, and tans. The second image has creatures, primarily what appear to be birds and dragons, surrounding the main image in circles to help create a border for the image. In the center is a man who stands out greatly compared to the rest of the image presented to us. It has a dated feel to the artwork, but also a careful and precise tone about it. It might possibly hold some religious value to the people who created it.

BOOK OF HOURS Writings Below
Contains a smaller main image, with a very intricate drawing of leaves, flowers and what appear to be birds done primarily in curved lines. It uses brighter colors, such as greens, blues, and brighter reds over most of the page. It also uses white, unlike the other image. Another image has a double border on it, and the images on both are off to the sides of the pages. Again images seem very symbolic, and it is of religious value, due to the people praying and the depiction of Mary and baby Jesus.

Very similar in style to the Book of Kells/Hours, but with a greater use of bright colors, such as blues. The images here have a sense of fluidity and movement, and seem to be depicting great amounts of action. The style of the people is more smoothed out, and most of them seem to be looking at a 2/3rds angle. Like the two books talked of earlier, these images also use framing in the images, with some of the elements in the image extending over the edge of the frame. These images also have ties to religion, most likely depicting  acts of the gods and such of the Persian culture.


  1. Do you believe what the author stated how “envy is ignorance and imitation is suicide”?  Why or why not?
  2. When given a job, does someone else’s confidence in their ability to do the job better cause you to underperform?
  3. What is being referred to with the hawk and the fox power and speed be hands and feet?
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