Memory Art

Art is the recreation of experiences and memory through a variety of mediums in how the artist remembers the image, or wishes to present it. It conveys a message or idea through its presentation, and every viewer has a different reaction to the content. They are drawn to different parts first, and process the information differently. Art is a way for an artist to show memories they have to those who were not there. Continue reading

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Final Animation: Tulip Wolf

Final Animation Render from Vanessa Foster on Vimeo.

Halfway through this animation the paint weights on my model got messed up, as seen in the jaw. I attempted to go in and fix the paint, but the model would not allow me to change anything anymore.

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Intermediate Animation: Self Critique

Intermediate 3d Animation Reel from Vanessa Foster on Vimeo.

I’ve now been animating in Maya for 2 semesters, and since my first class in 3D animation last semester I’ve noticed my areas of growth and difficulties throughout this year. From the start of the semester I feel as if my timing and pacing has gotten better overall, but I need to take more time to work on overlap and follow through in my models. I also need to take more time to work out how parts of a model bend and ways to prevent distortion, but that is something I feel would more-so do with learning an individual model, and not overall skills. My strongest skill is in the basic posing, or frame to frame keying in of sections of the animation. The groundwork to create a smooth animation, I just need to work further on my in-between frames and the followthrough as mentioned before. When creating the 3d model, I greatly enjoyed the concept work and actively creating the model itself. Rigging was more of a challenge at first but I soon fell into it, and then I found myself greatly enjoying painting weights, despite the difficulties I had.

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Website Redesign


For this final project I am going to tackle the official website for Yellowstone Nation Park,

The site’s navigation is consistent, sticking to the top of the page and is clearly labeled. The design is simple and linear, but a bit cluttered on the home page with its wall of posts and articles. But for a National Park service, their website doesn’t entirely scream “nature” or “travel”, due to its simplicity. Continue reading

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Artist Gallery: Annette Heully

Vanessa Foster

April 12th, 2018


Artist in Residence: Annette Heully

Recently here at Alfred State we had Californian artist Annette Heully stay and work on our campus for a month, where she created new works in our gallery room. On April 7th, 2018, Heully held a talk and spoke of her work, her history in art, her schooling, and some of her motivations for the types of work she does. There were photos depicting numerous pieces she has worked on, the scale of many of her pieces, inspiration behind her works, and the themes she has taken to with her work and the different messages she tries to deliver. Continue reading

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Javascript Site

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 10.24.56 AM

With this javascript site I wanted to work with animated gifs and my own artwork, in order to test out positioning of divs triggering events or changes in the state or image of a div. The use of parallax helps create a sense of speed and depth to the forest, as different parts move in different speeds in relation to another. Continue reading

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Java Exercises

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