Website Redesign Drafts 1 and 2

First draft of the Yellowstone redesign:

Second draft of the Yellowstone redesign:


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Website Redesign

For this final project I am going to tackle the official website for Yellowstone Nation Park,

The site’s navigation is consistent, sticking to the top of the page and is clearly labeled. The design is simple and linear, but a bit cluttered on the home page with its wall of posts and articles. But for a National Park service, their website doesn’t entirely scream “nature” or “travel”, due to its simplicity. Yellowstone is a place where nature exists in a protected and wild state, and it meant to inspire people to learn more about nature and its power. That is something I would want to convey with a redesign; the beauty and sights nature has to offer.

They advertise to those looking to travel and site see, or those wanting to experience nature or nature enthusiasts, and can reach anyone of any age. Other sites that do so well is the National Park Foundation (, the National Park Services (, and another location of tourism, the Grand Canyon (

They make use of images and scrolling banners to show events, interests, photos, and more on their sites. They feel open and warm, bright and spacious, compared to the cramp, closed feeling of the Yellowstone website. Their navigation is consistent and more condensed than that of Yellowstone’s, which displays far too much that could be put in general tags, and then sub tags. I want to keep the site readable and accessible to anyone of any aged, so simple but sleek and more modern feeling. I also want to further bring in the sense of nature with accents and other elements.


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Javascript Site

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Java Exercises

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Interactive Design


Had issues with the a href css, I could not get it to change in the multiple areas I tried to add CSS

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Responsive Design WIP

My target audience is mattresses for men and women ages 65+. Logo and other assets will be added later when I get the design down.

Notes I took on design for older customer-bases.

  • large font for easy reading (always stay above 12)
  • simple navigation
  • over 50% of Sears visitors are seniors (look at Sear’s design. It’s simple, clean, large images)
  • simple color design, generally uses a few shades of the same central color
  • large, simple logo. Generally very smooth and rounded
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Art Influenced Website

Based on the sketchbook, sketchy style of the art that influences me.

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