Animation: Pace

pa5 from Vanessa Foster on Vimeo.

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Komui Montage

Komui Montage from Vanessa Foster on Vimeo.

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Documentary: DMA students

DMA Documentary from Vanessa Foster on Vimeo.

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Peer Critique: Mahlek Sears

Due to his critique of my work, I have chosen to do my own critique on Malek Sear‘s work. His first project, the Bouncing Ball, has two smooth animations of clearly different balls. You can feel the heavier weight of the first ball from the speed of the impact and the low arcs of the bounces. The second ball’s bounces give a lighter feel, with how high the second following arc is. The slight use of squash and stretch isn’t overly noticeable, but shows just enough to change how the ball is seen, and animate it just a little bit more. The second project, the Walk Cycle, follows the reference footage pretty well aside from a small hiccup at the end, where the body seems to jerk a little in the head and feet. It creates a bit of an awkward pause in the motion, slowing down the walk and breaking the looped illusion of a smooth action. Norman almost seems to be wobbling. However his posing to capture the stance of the reference footage actor is well done, showing the sassy catwalk feel he was imitating. Overall his works give you a good feel of what the actor is doing, and with some more attention to how frames will loop his animations will continue to be solid works.

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Walk Cycle

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Documentary Idea: Art Students/DMA program

For my documentary I would like to have the focus be DMA students at Alfred, in a sort of mockumentary or joking style. There will be some serious elements in it, or real info about it, but then some light humor and funny sections. I don’t want to keep it very formal in the footage, but for the voice over I want to attempt the serious stereotypical British voice you hear in most documentaries. An example of footage I want to get could be a bunch of students working on their art project, with one or two maybe goofing off when no one is looking or switching to something other than their project. Or a clip where I say “On average a DMA student spends four hours a night working on their projects” and the student is just blankly staring at their work.

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Video Alteration 2

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