Interactive Design


Had issues with the a href css, I could not get it to change in the multiple areas I tried to add CSS

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Responsive Design WIP

My target audience is mattresses for men and women ages 65+. Logo and other assets will be added later when I get the design down.

Notes I took on design for older customer-bases.

  • large font for easy reading (always stay above 12)
  • simple navigation
  • over 50% of Sears visitors are seniors (look at Sear’s design. It’s simple, clean, large images)
  • simple color design, generally uses a few shades of the same central color
  • large, simple logo. Generally very smooth and rounded
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Art Influenced Website

Based on the sketchbook, sketchy style of the art that influences me.

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Dynamic Animation

For this animation I referenced a back walkover from a gymnastics compilation. Theres small wavering in the hands when they collide with the ground, but the pacing of the animation masks it slightly. The arc of the flip is the strongest point, it follows a smooth path and flows well with the limbs of the animation.

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Art Influenced WIP

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My Art and an Artist that Inspire me/Influence me

Recently I have been focusing on traditional art, and my drawings tend to remain on the sketchier side. This carries over to some of my digital work, and I included one example of some of my digital work as well.

As for influence and inspiration, recently one of my biggest influences has been an artist I met online who goes by WaifuJuju online, but her name is Julianna Linder. We constantly exchange drawings and sketches with each other, and she influenced a change in my style about a year ago. While most of what we do is fandom work, we do share our personal stuff often.

Comic being worked on by Julia:












Another artist who has recently begun to inspire my work is Emma Krogell, who works on a webcomic I began following about a year ago. Like Julianna, their art has a more cartoon or anime style to it and uses softer lines and curves in their work.

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Final Image Gallery Website

Final posted version of the photo gallery assignment, featuring my cat Tyki.

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